Do you hate it like I hate it?

June 19, 2008 2:56am CST
I am sitting here since 8 am and waiting for the craftsmen to come. They want to come between 8 and 11 am. So I have to wait one hour more. And I hate that. You sit there waiting and most of the time no craftsmen is coming. Cann´t they give an accurate date and time to me? Sitting and waiting three hours for them is a worse thing.
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21 Jun 08
I'm feeling similarly let down at the moment. A guy replaced the pump on my washing machine last October. This week it broke down again. Fortunately the pump's still under warranty so I phoned the guy. He said he'd be here between 10 and 12 this morning. It's now 2.10 and he hasn't showed up yet. I've tried phoning him twice and just got his voicemail.
• Germany
22 Jun 08
And did he show up. Mine did´t call and didn´t come. What a bad day at all...
@selece (2357)
• Philippines
23 Jun 08
Ugh... I hate it too when people make me wait. What makes it worse is if they don't come. Waiting in vain doesn't make anyone feel good. I hate it just like you hate it.
@ellie333 (21016)
19 Jun 08
Hi, This does annoy me especially if you have taken time off work for these contractors. I waited in all morning once for someone from the elctricity company who never arrived. I rang and complained and said that I had lost money as time was taken off work to wait for them and they reimbursed me £20 of my electric bill. I think it is bad manners for them not to give a time rather just say so morning or afternoon. Ellie :D
• China
19 Jun 08
yeah,i don't like waiting for others so long time.i will be impatient.but if you take time to make should happy to waiting for them.
19 Jun 08
What are your 3 hours worth to you? If it has a money value, like you have to take time off work, propose a tip to the craftsmen if they get there at a certain time. If it's worth only time to you, then spend the 3 hours doing tasks that you would have done at another time in the week, chores or leisure. This way, you have not really lost anything.