ximmy is losing ground.

June 19, 2008 7:48am CST
When I posted a few reviews at ximmy I anly got 2 points per review! In the matter of one month it went from 10 points, down to four, and now only two. One day soon I predict it will be zero! I just wanted to give everyone a heads ups earning at ximmy just got harder!
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@sdas86 (6076)
• Malaysia
27 Jun 08
Hi, I have heard some negative comments about Ximmy. Maybe Ximmy is another scam sites. So, we better not waste too much time in Ximmy. Thanks for starting this discussions to share your experience.
• India
25 Jun 08
I was contemplating a lot of time in joining ximmy. And only today i decided to join and earn from the reviews. Accidently before i saw your thread, i saw another one involving ximmy and it said that we are paid 4 points for a review.. and after coming to this one i come to know that its only two points for review..which means it takes more posts to reach the payout. And now Shannon.. thanks for removing the last speck of doubt that i had in my mind.. i decided to stay and continue in mylot as before.. 'coz its no better than mylot when you are paid two points for a review.
@siZidni (1860)
• Indonesia
25 Jun 08
thx for the information.. i plan to join it..
@adjhoice (434)
• United States
25 Jun 08
I agree with you ximmy is now losing around. The points keeps going down. Sometimes it is 2points and sometimes 4..It is really hard now to get more points. But I guess thats what business does. Anyway Goodluck to everyone.!
@teka44 (3421)
• Brazil
19 Jun 08
Hi my dear shannonjyl. Seems that this site want to pay less for his members. It isn't good at all because you do the work and it isn't easy writing good reviews and after you receive a little bit only. And I have noticed that some people have not received their payouts untill now. I think that the members of that site must be careful since many sites have fly by the night or closed suddenly without pay. I by myself was victim of a few of that kind of sites. Now, when something seems to go wrong I get my money the fast I can and get out. You are right my friend and everyone must thank you for the advise. Thank you for share your worry with us and give us a good advise to avoid it. Hugs my dear.
• Philippines
19 Jun 08
hello shannonjyl, I noticed that too today when I submitted my review and I'm really quite disappointed about it. I was even excited to do my review today and eventually lost my interest upon learning that I only got 2 points for the first review that I submitted. I thought it was just a bug so I submitted another review, and still only 2 points were credited to me. Until I came across to your discussion and so I guess, that's it. It's now 2 points per review. I was surprised, and I was expecting that ximmy admin should have informed us about this change before they have implemented it. I even checked on Ximmy blog if there's some item there about this change in review points but I found nothing. So I just stopped sending my reviews today. I have not requested for my second payout yet, although I qualify for it already. I guess there are still other members waiting for their payout.