Do you hold more than 1 Mobile..??

June 19, 2008 7:50am CST
I have only one cell phone, and also, My usages are very limited, I have a Prepaid Card, My usages permonth is to the maximum of Rs.100/- (equallent to $2.00 to $3.00 appx) My husband use his cell phone, his usages per month will be approximately Rs.5000/- and more (equallent to $125 appx). And we are hold each one mobiles.. But i found someone, who are all holding more than 1 mobiles, what is the need for that, in what circumstances they are holding more than one Mobile phones?? May be -- The other number is under (CUG-Closed user group-between the group you can talk unlimited calls) -- One is life card, which is incoming is totally free, the other one is for outgoing calls (with lowest paise perminute) -- Two different Mobile phone provider, with different featured Do you have any idea about this.. Please post your comments.
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@schummi (925)
• India
19 Jun 08
welll..idont find any use of it now...i used to have one..when my girlfriend gave it to me it free calls to her phone...
• India
19 Jun 08
I have friends doing business who have more than two mobiles.. and perhaps the need necessitates them to have more than one. But as of me, i have only one mobile and even with it i very rarely converse.
@senjacob (124)
19 Jun 08
Hi chennai, I am also in chennai. I don want to use even a single mobile phone,den how can i think about second one.but i heard that somebody uses two mobile phones.i think he may be a business man earning lot of money through mobile calls that is dealing business via mobile. But youngsters who are studying or employed people have not necesart to use two mobile phones.. Using mobile phones frequently is very danger in future,den what about the guys using two mobilw phones,they have the more chances to quit their life very short...
@sk66rc (4257)
• United States
19 Jun 08
Me & my girl friend each have only 1 phone... I have unlimited plan which allows me to make unlimited voice calls, send & receive unlimited text messaging, send & receive unlimited pictues & audios... I also have blackberry plan with it so I can surf web & access e-mail accounts... My girl friend just changed her plan yesterday... She has 5 numbers she can call unlimited & 600 minutes of peak calling & 400 text messages... I'm paying about $116 a month & my girl friend is paying about $65...
@Rikza1 (295)
• Finland
19 Jun 08
I only have one mobile phone, I don't have any reason to have two mobile phones. But my dad has 2 mobile phones, one that is normal which number i know and i call it and his friends call it and like so. Then he has the business phone. He gives it to business guys, so they call it instead of the "family/friends" phone. That way he easily keeps in track who calls him and doesn't have any junk in family phone.