The Escape Artist

@jerzgirl (8170)
Gloucester City, New Jersey
June 19, 2008 10:08am CST
Mom got up early this morning - she always shuts my door when she does. I'm still asleep and she comes in to wake me. "Wendy! Wake up! Wendy! You need to get up! That black cat of yours got out and came in when I went out for my oxygen this morning." Well, I knew who she meant because only one cat has been trying on a regular basis to escape captivity - that is Shady, who is gray. Mom is vision impaired because of macular degeneration, so she sees Shady as black. Anyway, every time someone opens the basement door, Shady bolts to go through it. I thought I had successfully prevented her escape last night when I brought the laundry up. There was no cat on the stairs with me, nor did she follow me up to the back door. So, it was a bit of a shock this morning that she was out and about! She had even knocked off the food she's allergic to (that was waiting for my daughter to take to HER baby) and had eaten that during the night. It was in the 50s here all night, so I didn't know where she had slept. But, I took her back down stairs so she could tell Chloe all about her adventures - I'm sure they were nose to nose by the time I was back upstairs. Bad cat!! About 15-20 minutes later, I'm sitting at the computer telling my friends about Shady's escape from Al-CAT-raz when I hear the basement door bang shut. Uh-oh. That can only mean one thing - someone figured out how to open the basement door! I went to investigate. Well, I found a Shady cat on the porch when I went out to look. The little escape artist has learned to open the basement door and get out!! She is so bad!! Right now, she's on the bed behind me getting as much attention from me as she can. Drooling, rubbing, licking, purring, silent meowing, chirruping. She's a happy cat. Not for long. She's going back downstairs again. I'm going to have to shut the outside doors so she can't get out if she gets opens the door again. Silly cat. Worse than a kid. A 102-yr-old kid (her age in human years)!
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@blackbriar (9080)
• United States
19 Jun 08
LOL I know very well your problems, jerzgirl, for I have my own lil escape artist as well by the name of Tigger. Ever since his ole' buddy passes away, he's been trying desperately to get out but doesn't go maybe 5' from the house unless I'm outside with him. It's scary out there for him by himself but yet he looks for his ole pal alot. I thought he was done grieving for him but guess not. He will slink all around the edge of the foundation until I go out to try and catch him. Then he will venture out but only if I'm following. If not, he comes right back. Really wish I can afford an outdoor fence for him so he can just come in and out as he pleases. Instead, we have to keep the inside utility room door shut before we can go out the other door or he will shoot out faster than you can blink. He, too, knows how to open doors but the inside door is one he has yet to master only because I put a child-proof cover over the knob to stop him from opening it. You have to squeeze the knob in order to turn it. And here I thought I was done having to child-proof my home now that my daughter is older...
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@jerzgirl (8170)
• Gloucester City, New Jersey
20 Jun 08
None of my cats have mastered a doorknob, but the door is hinged with a spring and a spring-action latch that isn't as tight as we thought, so she simply pulls the door open. We were gone all afternoon yesterday, so I closed the outer doors (ours is an exterior entry) just in case she did it again. When we got home with the groceries, etc., there she was, once again, mrowling under the door when she heard us. I brought her inside for a bit and I think if she could have adhered herself permanently to me, she would have! LOL She's definitely a people- and a lap-cat. Just loves attention. But, eventually, she was ready to go back out and downstairs - I took their dinner down and then found a Rubbermaid container I could pull up next to the door where she'd pull at the door. Since I did that, she hasn't gotten out - yet, it doesn't block the door from being opened by us. We're thinking of taking her back up to my apartment to keep my daughter's kitten company. Shady's a true mama and would eventually fall in love (as she has with all kittens we've had) and the two of them would be more content overall.