Ugly Betty, do you like her?

June 19, 2008 11:59am CST
I'm look at this, from season2 on line. Have you seen this, from season 1? How do you like it? It's late and I still sit in front of the laptop, I get a training course tomorrow, but I just bathed because the bath room was occupied by my roommate. I have to wait until she finishes, and during this time gap, i accidentally found Ugly Betty. She's not ugly as a matter of fact. **Enjoy life~~**
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• Canada
19 Jun 08
I love Ugly Betty - the story, the concept, the characters, and especially Betty. I think she is an infectiously happy and positive person and wish more people were like her. I even wish I were more like her. She may not be what society believes is pretty, but she is more beautiful than most of the characters on the show. I also love her romantic interests (except for Walter, of course!). I really liked Henry and still do, but I also really want her and Gio together! Ooh, I can't wait for the third season.
• China
19 Jun 08
Hey, doubloonie, I'm enjoying it now and I will like it I bet. Thanks for sharing. Hope we can share more after I've seen some episode. **Enjoy life~~**
@mimpi1911 (25473)
• India
30 Jun 08
Oh how I love her! But I have only watched a few episode and I thought she was funny and sweet. She is a universal messy gal but I am sure she would conquer the word in later seasons.