Ive been seeing this on TV and the Internet, and now I wonder about the future

June 19, 2008 10:57pm CST
On a sunny day, with a comfy temperature outside, my idea of the future would be something just like that perfect sunny day and we're all happy. But those thoughts get easily mutilated whenever I happen to see the downside to all this on TV or on the Internet. I remember a few years ago, bed time would be the worst, because that's when my mind wanders to one of the worst possibilities of the future. I imagined a smoggy sky with the sun boiling down, while a building that works with oil struggles to cough out the remaining bits of resources. I got over that. But recently, I saw on CNN an expert's prediction to what oil prices can do to us. That person predicts that we're going to have battles for the remaining bits of oil. State versus states, and all that. A bunch of questions would fill my thoughts. Even though I have a lot to ask about this, I can't seem to fish out any one specific question about this. So... what do you guys think about this?
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