Poor Portugueses,

June 20, 2008 12:53am CST
I pay the most attentions to the Portugal in every biggest games,World Cup,European Cup and so on. but what i get is always disappointment, Why???
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• Indonesia
20 Jun 08
Actually for the game yesterday, the portugal played badly.. The players are selfish. They want to run with the ball by them self. The opponent knew how to use their weakness. I like portugal but the german played very well..
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@CrashO (698)
• Romania
20 Jun 08
oh come on!!!! I'm a Romanian and I dont really think you have lived half of my dissapointment in the last 8 years. We lost an calification to an goal at min 95' and the extra time were 4 minutes vs Dannmark, we lost other calification becouse we draw againts Armenia and Norway got a free penalty againts us, they played the ball with the hand, A BLACK HAND, how did he go so wrong with the penalty? If Romania doesn't have any black dude, how could an BLACK hand be in our side and give them penalty???? And yeah, yes, after 8 years of no participations, we finnaly made it, we made a boring draw againts France, a nice game againts Italy(1-1) with a penalty missed by our star in the 80's mins, and finaly Holland with only 9 reservers beat the crap out of us with 2-0, WHAT THE ..........?!!?!?!
• China
20 Jun 08
Aha,i watched that game and felt sorry for your team, they did a good job but unfortunately the great mutu didn't seize the chance. and the Italy is a tough rival, then can win the game even in the worst situation, I think they have a good keeper. but i still you are not the most tragic fan. because i am chinese. our team is the worst team around the world. we spend so many money.but got nothing . we even can't beat South Korean for 30 years. as you know, we have more than 1.3 billion people.
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