How to overcome it?

June 20, 2008 12:57am CST
I used to sleep as early as 9 in the evening and everytime I woke up at let's say 12 midnight, I find it so hard to go back to sleep. Is it Insomia? How would I be able to overcome it?
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@lucy02 (5017)
• United States
22 Jun 08
My problem is going to sleep in the first place. I can usually stay asleep if I can get into a deep slumber. It helps if I am not on the computer late. Sometimes I drink hot chocolate and it helps me. I guess warm milk would do the same thing.
• Philippines
20 Jun 08
Do you usually experienced that? I experience that before but it was only for sometime. When something bothers me, its hard for me to get some quality sleep. Maybe somethings bothering your mind that's the reason for that.For you to have a quality sleep, below might help you brings back the quality of your sleeping time: not drink to much water before your bedtime and avoid caffeine. not go to bed if you are not yet sleepy(bed is for sleeping). not put a television inside your room, it will affect the quality of your sleep. 4.take a bath and dry your hair before going to bed for fresh feeling. 5.pray is the effective dose than sleeping pills. At least the last word in your mouth is for God. This is what i do when I can't sleep. Hope this will help you in a way.
• China
20 Jun 08
Well, my friend, I think you just overeact it. Don't worry, it's common for people to have insomnia sometimes. Here are three suggestions for your information. 1- Maybe you can attempt to go to bed later next time, around 10:30~11:00pm. 2- It's probably that your sleepless is because of anxiety. So before you go to sleep, have a cup of milk to relieve your stress and worries, and think about some beautiful and peaceful things. 3- You might do more physical work in day time, the physical fatigue will help you fall asleep much easier. Do not take sleeping pills!!!!