I think this has made my headache worse

@missbdoll (1167)
June 20, 2008 3:35am CST
i've had a bit of a headache all afternoon, I 'd taken something and gone to my storage unit.I keep't noticing a really horrible smell, I though I was imagening it, but keep wandering what it was,as it was almost making me sick.I finaly looked at a bit of carpet the was rolles up and there was a dead mouse behind it.I feel like the smell has made my headache worse.
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@raclie (1732)
• Singapore
20 Jun 08
oh wow.. thats sick... think i will throw up right away... i dont think i will be able to get rid of the mouse... maybe get a neighbour? or i will actually pay for pest control...
@dudoos (15)
• Singapore
20 Jun 08
i know what you mean... The stench is reali revoltion to the point that after u remove the mouse the smell still linger ard... Try airing the area and DO NOT spray air freshener... cos it onli make it worse...