jealous person?

June 20, 2008 10:39am CST
ARE you a jealous person? a controled amount of jealous in realtiosnhips would not do much harm but what if one carrier it too far? do you tend to be jealous? actually we do not need to worry about it too much we should always keep calm in daily life for instance i worked for a company some employees do not like me because o my better abilit i know it clearly besides the company want to hair me with litle pay for months nw i am ready to give them a good lesson by lawas all these things are to be answered for i think everybody has jealous sometime it is noraml if yu believe you do not that is abnormal do you feel bad tempered when your other half goes out with friends of the opposite side? do you feel jealous about your ex having a new or a better relationship? do you have any idea of how to kill the green eyed monster? everybody should have their own private space so if my girlfriend has a male friend i think i will not be jealous and most important i trust het very much my friends had told me that they were jeaously while their ex hving a new they like to ask me the question like who is more beautiful me or her or why he choose her though i could understand their feeling i dislike to hear that their jealousy only made me fel that how weak and unconfident they were because i know she will never betray me u love her very much i do not mind if my ex has a good relationship because she has her choices in my view the best way of killing the green eyes is to know the satusfied will competely know happiness
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@joliefille (3696)
• Philippines
21 Jun 08
Jealousy can hurt a relationship. Trust is very important indeed.