I lost it with the big kids last night.

@foxyfire33 (10009)
United States
June 20, 2008 10:47am CST
It was just one too many little things after another and I lashed out. Earlier in the day they all cleaned out the old shed...they found a bunch of little matchbox type race cars, I started picking them up to bring in to the little boys and step son's friend got all mad because he wanted them and was going to take them. Later he dumped two full cans of soda because he didn't like the taste of one and the other was too warm. Then just after I got the two youngest boys to sleep, all 3 older kids started playing tag inside and outside. It only took two slammed doors and some loud voices for me to yell at them the first time to quiet down. They didn't so I stomped off to put the little ones in their beds...I was just finally getting to eat dinner which is why they weren't in their beds yet. As I was walking out of their bedroom all 3 big kids ran past again and slammed stepson's bedroom door and banged around in there...so I flung the door open and yelled again. Ok, so I thought we were good for the night...nope! I headed for the kitchen and tripped over the friend's shoes which were laying out in the middle of the entry way. I went to shut the mud room door and saw that the outside door was still wide open (and it was chilly here last night). I cleaned up the kitchen from my dinner and they came out and messed it all up again making BLT's and whatever else they felt like grabbing...they were told three times to come back out and clean it up. They did some but still left dishes in the sink...and there's still a pan from 3 nights ago that MIL and I are refusing to wash. So they and s/o got an earful from me last night about how I was tired of rude, inconsiderate, lazy people that think I have nothing better to do than deal with their *nonsense* (I wasn't that polite when I said it)....I also told s/o later that I thought that kid's parents had better get back up here to get him before I put his spoiled *butt* on a bus home. I swore right in front of MIL...and I hardly ever swear at all in front of anybody. Oh and did I mention that for 2 weeks MIL has not done any housework except for her laundry? So it's all been on me except for the few dishes stepson's girlfriend will take care of. I'm ready for a vacation...there's a minimum of 10 people here, 13 over last weekend. I have not seen or spoken to anyone since my blow up last night so we'll see how today goes...
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@jer31558 (3683)
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21 Jun 08
Children just have a way of pushing as far as they can and then just a little further. My own kids have done the same thing recently and then wonder why they don't get all the rewards that they feel they should. I suppose that only life's experience and growing up will teach them that there are certain things that just are not allowed or actions that are not desired in people.
@guss2000 (2233)
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21 Jun 08
I think you had every right to blow up! With all of the people in the house, something has to give and they need to learn control. You shouldn't have to repeat yourself numerous times to get something done. i hope things calm down for you and that they learned something from it all.
@cjgrooms (4456)
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20 Jun 08
You have more patience than i. To start with i would sit ALL the big kids (including s/o) down and have a come to Jesus meeting. My boys are 12 and 13y/o and they help with the housework, (I'm not saying that i don't have to make them redo or come back and finish things, because i surly do) and know better than to be wasteful with food. I think i would go on strike! I have gotten to an time in my life that i just am not going to be bothered with foolishness and definitely am not going to be a perfectly healthy kids maid because they are to lazy to do it themselves! I babysit a 3y/o that knows to pick up after herself and although she can't wash dishes she puts her dishes in the sink when she is finished eating! Now if a 3y/o can do it so can a teenager and i don't give a tinkers spit how rich his Mama and Daddy are!