love idea? what is love?

June 20, 2008 10:55am CST
what is love? definately i do not know quite how to put this cause you know it is a hard topic just like a pain in the age and you know love is a thing can that be difined ina simple words in the past i just ahvave one experience of falling in love iwth a girl when i said i love her its just the time she wanna resign her job painfuly she had a boyfriends alread we were friends beore but ow i hate her but i do not mean to blame her onl myself get thanks for she is not a sucha girl i can be described beaut i did not know i had falen in love with her at the very begining almost half of a year has passed my heart seems has not healed yet but i look up a nother girl in my department now i do not know whether she has a boyfriend or not but i miss her every day and night what should i do? i d not wanna get hurted anymore ic an not bear it
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