Stopping in to say Hello while I'm visiting New England..

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June 20, 2008 12:57pm CST
Hello to all my Mylot friends. I hope you all are well and happy.. I am on my yearly visit home to New England with my grand daughter (who is nine) and I thought I would stop by and say hello. We were in Maine (where I grew up) for five days and we got to stop at the beach on our trip then to Vermont, and took a nice walk along the beach. A couple days later in Vermont we climbed a small mountain, but my grand daughter told us it was nothing so then she and my brother took a longer hike and my sister and I just lazed around on the big rock we were on.. when they came back my grand daughter, panting and a little red faced 'collapsed' on the rock.. so I guess she got a work out after all! - Monday, we will go to Rhode Island for the rest of the week.. and then will be home again for another year.. It's pretty kool to get to visit three states! My brothetr and one sister moved to Vermont is why, and we're going to my sister in law's home state of Rhode Island as a bonus.. how cool is that? Last time we did that, we took a gorgeous walk called "Cliff Walk" along the ocean, and it was pretty awesome. My grand daughter is reading this over my shoulder, pointing out to me all my mistakes! and waiting to use this strange machine.. my brother's laptop.. maybe I'll get the chance to get back on later.. take care now...
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@Lakota12 (42681)
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24 Jun 08
So glad you are enjoying your trip and kids can get a work out on these trips! And hope it hasnt been to hot for you as I heard that they were haveing a heat wave on the east coast. hopeing you took some great pics. Wish I had got to Vermont that is the only state I havent been in and I know it is pretty. hugs
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6 Sep 08
Hi Lakota12, hope you are doing really well! Also hope you get to see Vermont, yes, it's a beautiful state! Very nice.. Have to see if I got some good pics (gotta actually develop them first!) Wow, you've seen almost all the states! Awesome..
@Lakota12 (42681)
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7 Sep 08
yup all states in north america but Vermont sigh! dont know how I missed it living all around it in different states lolo waiting for some pics hugs!