what if you had only a week to live?

June 20, 2008 2:46pm CST
recently i saw an episode on a tv series about murders that one woman just found out that she has been poisoned and had only a week to live. i thought than that it has to be very hard for a person to find out about his/her death this way. i think that if i find out i would have only a week to live i would cry first. it would be so awful. then i'd probably go shopping and buy myself stuff i wouldn't normally do (after my death i would give them to my friends) and then i'd meet with all the people i love and just stay with them. i'd make sure they know i really love them. what would you do?
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@CrashO (698)
• Romania
21 Jun 08
I really don't know, I would try to do something crazy financial, I would get a way that I'll make money fast and my friends/family don't have to suffer the consequences of it but them to get the money so atleast they have a better life than I did. And I would do everything I would wanted to do, like small stuff, don't know exactly, I don't know, its hard thinking about it. Maybe i'll make a baby and makes some videos for him when he's an adult... :D
• United States
20 Jun 08
I believe the first thing I would feel would be shock. Then would come the emotions of sadness, and excitement. I know I'm going to live within the kingdom of our Lord, so the excitement is easy to understand. And yes, my sadness would be great to be leaving all I love behind until their time to join me. I would try to cram all the time I could into that one week! I doubt I would sleep at all! There'd be no time for that. I would have to go to several relatives, (in state and out) and give a final hug. I'd go to my childhood haunts as I have always promised myself I'd do "sometime", and walk down memory lane. On the last day, I'd throw a very big party! I want to be remembered with a smile...and good, bittersweet memories.