keep those happpy holidays or not ?a ny idea?

@qwe123 (253)
June 21, 2008 12:01am CST
china is planning to canccel the golden wek to relieve the heavy burden on tourist spots what is your opinion? would you prefer the golden week or other ways? i would like to suggest china government to shorten some of the holidays sucha s the labour's holiday but to extend some others sucha s the traditionsal chinese new year festival holiday tat is because some holidays ashould give people more opportunities to reunite with family membersand make them realize the meanings of traditional value of family for our chinese people to my opinion holiays are sued to enhance the relations among people family members friends andrelatives as weel aas the fuction of being relaxed and travelling around the world i think the following suggestions wil be better golen week do not cancel add days to traditional festivals as holidays in this way the golden week can satisfy some people's deisre and the extra days also can accomplish their own hope do you agree with me? i think youd oo but will the national adminsration aprove thsi
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