Dental issues.

United States
June 21, 2008 1:34am CST
I have some dental issues and it aggrivates me every day of my life. I had bad teeth growing up and my grandmother offered to get me braces when i was in middle school but at that age i was like "ewww there is no way im getting braces" so i basically never got them done.. as the years went on they got worst and worst. i got a tongue ring and had a bad habit of clicking it on my tooth.. well one day i went to close a strawberry syrup bottle with my teeth instead of my fingers i forget why i did it like that but i did and my tooth broke in half.. needless to say i have never got it fixed and still to this day i hate my smile.. i never smile in pictures to where my teeth are showing and i have other teeth that are breaking or chipping off. I have no job and my fiance has just enough money to pay our bills and have a lil extra play money but not near enough to take care of this dental issue i have. I will eventually be able to get them fixed but who knows how long that will take. im not married so im not on my fiance's dental insurence yet so thats a bummer.. even if i was on his dental insurence it would still costs quite a bit of money to get my teeth right. I need alot of them pulled and i need a few fixed.. i guess advice to anyone else who has been offered braces... take them! dont let your teeth go because its hard once they start going.. its like a chain reaction i guess lol. One day you all will be reading a post saying "MY teeth are fixed!" and ill be soo happy but there is no saying how long or what year that will be LOL :) Anyone else deal with dental issues and cant afford to get them fixed? or am i the only one? :)
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