Physical attraction

June 21, 2008 3:22am CST
What is the first thing you notice about a person? Eyes,i make a point of it,you can tell alot about a person by their eyes. And you ?
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• India
6 Aug 08
i too notice the eyes. if a person speaks to u looking straight into ur eyes,then u can really make out alot about him or her. if a person is not looking straight in the eye,then it implies that he/she is shy or hiding something or not interested...
• Malaysia
21 Jun 08
i wont look at the ppl face but first impression...
@Jhordie (5115)
• Philippines
21 Jun 08
SMILE... I dunno but if a person smiles beautifully PLUS SINCERELY... though she is not a real beauty she still seems to be as beautiful as she can be. And a sincere smile can be seen if her eyes smile as well.
@mikokre (132)
• Nigeria
21 Jun 08
Well i dont know about the eyes but i think well,thats true.U can really tell alot about them at the sight of their eyes. The first thing i think i notice is,the shape. U did not ask about the second but i'll give you.Is the complexion and thirdly, the way they smell. Whether or not they smell good or bad. I think your smart. Wanna be friendzzzz
• India
21 Jun 08
i thing meet the new person some so fearness ,look like to me,direct face to face attention .than i talk with the new person.that's all by karthika.r
• China
21 Jun 08