what is the meaning of rating.....like you are 345....in 4534???

@alcazar (761)
June 21, 2008 3:48am CST
I have always observed that there is always this kinda thing happening....but i wonder....are these ranks or marks.. ...i mean its good to be higher or lower....and what actually is this rating all about???
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• Philippines
21 Jun 08
Hello alcazar, I think that refers to your rank in that certain interest that you have joined. Example is your rank here in mylot where you would see 4,066 in 21,948. That means you rank 4,066 among 21,948 members who have joined mylot discussions. I don't see the rankings as good or bad. It just tells about your activity on that certain interest that you have joined. The lower your number, the higher your rank is compared to the other members in your group. But that does not have any effect on your earnings. It just tell you that some other members are more active that you are. Just keep posting and have fun. Have a great day!
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@guybrush (4660)
• Australia
21 Jun 08
I would like to know that, too, alcazar. Why are the little stars different colours, and what do they mean? I can't find anywhere which explains - so I hope someone can enlighten us!
• Malaysia
21 Jun 08
When you reach 100th post, you have a star on top of your username. The number in the star indicates your reputation in mylot. As for the color, I think each number has a particular color, because I notice that 10 always in blue. Hope this helps.