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June 21, 2008 2:23pm CST
Looking at computer screens for extended period of time can harm one's eyesight. From experience, I have observed that the length of my exposure to computers is directly proportional to the deterioration of my vision. My past work required me to use computers for the whole day, encoding and generating reports. The only way to correct one's poor eyesight is through the use of corrective eyeglasses or lenses and undergoing eye surgery. However, one of my friends mentioned about an article she came across wherein one's eyesight can be improved through natural means. That is, it proposes exercises and measures that are aimed at improving one's vision and protect it from deteriorating. Unfortunately, she cannot get hold of the article's copy. I was wondering if anyone here has heard of this procedure or technique. Please share them. Maybe you'll ask why I am so interested. SIMPLE. I want to lengthen the lifespan (sort of) of my eyes so I can see more of the world and of course, read the thousands of discussions posted here at myLot :-)
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21 Jun 08
Incorporate these easy tips into your daily life to improve your vision and the health of your eyes. Sometimes little steps can make a big difference! * Looking Around * Seeing from the Core * Taking Your Eyes to Bed * Take your eyes for a walk * Feeding You Eyes II: Getting the nutrients to the eye * Feeding Your Eyes I: Think colors when you eat * The Joy and Healing of Colors * Is my Nearsightedness Inherited? * Looser Necks, Clearer Eyes * Stress and Vision Part 1 * Stress and Vision Part 2 * Help for Dazzle and Glare * The Problem With Glasses and Contact Lenses * What Can I do When Small Print Begins to Get Fuzzy? * Setting up Your Computer Screen to Support Good Vision See the full articles here : http://www.visioneducators.com/improving_your_vision.phtml
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22 Jun 08
Thanks for the info. I visited the website as soon as I read your post. Hope to practice them soon so I can see a marked improvement on my vision.