The Montreal Screwjob

June 21, 2008 5:11pm CST
OK folks, you know the story. If both parties were simply defending interests which they considered to be vital, can either be said to be in the wrong?
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@Marcola (2774)
• United States
22 Jun 08
I think Vince just did what was right for his company. He didn't want Bret bringing the WWF title over to Nitro and pull something like Alundra Blayze did. Then again, Bret didn't want to do the job in Canada and has a legit hatred for HBK. Reportedly, he said he would've surrendered the title the next night on Raw, but Vince obviously violated his trust. It's really hard to say who was in the wrong. On the plus, many point to this as the beginning of the Attitude era, the best time to be a wrestling fan. It was also the start of the evil Mr. McMahon character.
28 Jul 08
It certainly worked out very nicely for the WWF, but it made Bret really depressed for a long time. Some said it was the cause of his divorce, and Bret said he felt 'Raped'. Is it right to just do what is right for your company when it affects people's lives in such ways?
@figjam00 (1446)
• India
22 Jun 08
I think whole Montreal Screw job incident is blot on WWE. I think I would be on Bret's side. Bret has confirmed the Vince that he will be leaving for WCW and Vince allowed him to do so. I thin Bret was fair enough to tell unlike other WWE superstars who left WWE without notice. Bret was ready to relinquish his title after survivor series. So having the Bret lost before that was very unnecessary.
28 Jul 08
Bret was still being paid at the time, shouldn't he do whatever his bosses told him? And how can you be sure he would drop it later, if he wouldn't drop it then.
@elmiko (6635)
• United States
4 Aug 08
To be honest i'm beginning to wonder if the montreal screwjob was planed possibly to where very few people actually knew it was a setup. Vince and Bret Hart had been getting into physical altercations months before the Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels match ever took place. Think about it this way Bret Hart wanted to leave looking like a true champion who got screwed out of the title and Vince definitly did not want Bret to walk off with the belt to WCW. So the 2 if i'm correct had to come to some possible agreement before his last match in the WWE. To me this type of scenario suited both sides well as Bret did not want to lose clean in his country of Canada.
@jinggay46 (263)
• Philippines
23 Jun 08
It seems that each of them are just defending their vital interest. But it seemed more unfair for Bret because he did inform Vince that he will be moving to WCW and Vince let him do what he wishes. He is man enough to inform his boss of his decision than go behind his back. With this simple action, Vince should have believed Bret's words that he don't want to lose the belt in Canada and that he'll just surrender the belt.
22 Jun 08
its a tricky one i mean like you say both thought they were doing what was right by themselvs. In all honesty vince should have known that asking bret to loose in canada wasnt going to go down well and i dont no why he couldnt have waited until the following mondays raw when bret said he would drop the belt to shawn. I think vince is a person that doesnt like to be told no and as he is so powerfull and sucsesfull he thought he had the right to do whatever he wanted to do.