Would You be Embarrassed if Your Credit Card Isn't Working?

Hong Kong
June 21, 2008 10:11pm CST
There were a couple of times when I went in a shop and made purchase with my credit card only to find that there was something wrong with it and couldn't process (it's because of the card design...). I know it's not my problem and I have money in the bank, still, I feel sort of embarrassed when people ask me, "Miss, do you have another card?" What about you?
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@cream97 (29152)
• United States
22 Jun 08
Yes, especially if I have bought many items that I really needed.. Yes, I would be ashamed.. And then knowing that I had money on the card would make me even ashamed.. Why? Because it makes me feel that I don't have any money on the card when I do.. The looks of the other customers and cashier, is enough to send me in tears..
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@youless (104247)
• Guangzhou, China
1 Jul 08
I can imagine it will be so embarrassing if my credit card can't work. This is why we usually have one more credit card in our wallet. Fortunately it seems that I have never experienced such an embarrassing experience. I love China
@petiksmode (2984)
• Philippines
27 Jun 08
this happened to me once and it was kinda embarrasing esp when i remmebr how the attendant looked in the restaurant (pizza hut) looked at me...gladly i hve my debit card with me coz i have very little cash with me...but then again they dont accept debit card so i asked my sis to withdraw mney from my debit card to pay it off...thankfully the money is enough to pay the bill...hehehe
@gr8life (6252)
• Malaysia
23 Jun 08
Hello wondericequeen, As far as I could remember, it never happened to me before. I was lucky. But, if it does happen, I will feel pretty embarrassed with it. It doesn't matter whether I have enough credit limit or not, it definitely will make people look at me twice *smiles* The bad part is that, I can't even tell them that it is not my problem!
@writersedge (22577)
• United States
23 Jun 08
I had to use a different card for each purchase one day. I seldom use my cards, so when I tried to make more than one purchase per card, the companies shut me down. Their computers track irregular activity and shut it down. So I had gotten a new job, but had no money for clothes. There were huge sales all over town. I wanted to send a lot of money (like $50 to $100) per place and my card kept shutting down. It was a Saturday and on Monday, every card I owned was calling me to make sure my cards hadn't been stolen.
@aseretdd (13732)
• Philippines
23 Jun 08
This happened to me once when i ate at a restaurant with my in-laws... it was actually my treat... as a form of saying thank you for taking care of my daughter... when the cashier swiped my credit card... it did not work... it turned out that their machine had a problem... i don't have cash with me... so i had to go to the nearest atm machine just to withdraw... it was quite embarassing even if it wasn't my fault...
• United States
23 Jun 08
i would die of embarrassment and i think its happen to me a couple of times but i know my bro had gotten a credit card that most machines wouldnt read.. we thought it was because he wasnt pays his bills but when he was paying them it wouldnt work so it had to be the machine and i have heard of a few people having that prob