better health with sweating

@juhi06 (1850)
June 21, 2008 10:48pm CST
eating sleeping.good diet all are important for good health. equally important is to sweat it out. what measures do you normally adopt to sweat out your body?
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@kunizzul (1067)
• Malaysia
13 Nov 08
I always work out early in the morning after i woke up from my sleep. It did not take too much time actually just 10 minutes only. But if you do it everyday it surely will give an effect on your health and your fitness. Some people say to me that if you sweat out in the morning it surely can keep your body energize until night. I also play football every evening with my friends. Playing football can make you sweat out in a totally fun way.
@juhi06 (1850)
• India
14 Nov 08
hi dear kunizzul this is the surest and the shortest way to good health!!
• India
22 Jun 08
its summer here and sweat comes naturally otherwise i play some outdoor sport
@juhi06 (1850)
• India
25 Jun 08
that natural sweating and the sweat of a regular workout is different. and good that you have added sport to your routine. it naturally helps.
@asliah (11141)
• Philippines
1 Jan 13
hi, for me i could say that sweating is really good to our body it because it will remove some fat and toxic in our body to have more healthier blood circulation in our body,and also sweating can make us more looking younger and more energetic.