@nicky35 (747)
June 22, 2008 3:59am CST
im a live and let live kinda girl but i hate drugs and the knock on effects they have on peoples lives.i dont have a problem with people doing drugs although if the truth be known i wish they wouldnt.they change who you are as a person whether you like it or not.Im 36 and the other day i walked past a guy i was at school with,he has been into drugs all of his adult life and i hadnt seen him for a while,we dont know each other to talk to but as i walked past him i was shocked,he looked dirty and scruffy,more than he had before and the thing that stood out the most was that he looked old,not36 but probably more like 56,i remember him at 14 and 15 years of age and his life must have just been a blurr,its sad,such a waste,i know so many people like that who just think of where they can get their next hit,drifting off into their own worlds leaving their friends and loved ones i said,it has a knock on effect on everyone and thats before i get on to the subject of the expense,billions of pounds are spent every year on drugs,millions of pounds to wreck lives,whole families destroyed because of drugs.i know many of you who read this will be dying to tell me what a prude and a square i am,but im not,if you want to waste your money and your lifes on drugs thats fine,but i have three kids and my time and money goes on it just me?am i the only person who hates drugs and wants to blast them all into not talking about painkillers and i think cannabis should be used in medicines for ms and parkinsons etc,but apart from that i hate drugs.i love to have a laugh,have fun.i think life is for living,but not inside your own head in an expensive blurr.
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