What does the Ladies look for about a man?

@12051976 (231)
June 22, 2008 9:14am CST
I just want to know what the ladies look for about a man before they accept proposals. Is it Money,Character,Fame or what?
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• India
22 Jun 08
Thanks dude that u started this discussion,we guys certainly need this..even I was thinking to start any such discussion.I hope we will get much response from girls,it can help us a lot.R u looking for any lady whom u wnt to propose.if so all the best dude.
@12051976 (231)
• Ghana
25 Jun 08
thank you my good friend.
• United States
22 Jun 08
Intelligence, kindness, silliness, the ability to put up with me gladly, cuddliness, handiness, the constant desire to learn, self awareness, a successful life, good health, a desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle, contentedness with their life. I'm easy, really. I tend to find people more and more attractive, the longer I know them, so looks aren't really a biggie with me.
@keyzme (21)
• Brunei Darussalam
22 Jun 08
Different girls look for different qualities in a man. For me, I need all of these: 1- Honesty -- Duhh, doesn't everyone?? 2- His sense of humor (very important for me!) -- If u really wanna be wif dis guy, he's gotta know how to make you laugh. Right?? 3- His coolness 4- The way he treats you, like special or boring 5- Maturity -- as in the way he thinks, I don't care about his age, just as long as he's mature & can think of good things for us, then it's fine 6- Cuteness, attractiveness, heart-throbbing-ness! 7- Understanding 8- Sweet 9- He cares for me & looks out for me all the way 10- Everything my hubby is. I found him. =) There are more, but I don't think it has a lo of space for it, besides I would be boring other people with it. Hehe =)