Should i be worried ?? They say i should ...

June 22, 2008 7:38pm CST
I have just shifted houses.. I dont generally believe in these things but a lot of people had advised me and my parents to not buy this particular place. You see, a youth passed away at this house in mysterious circumstances about 6 months back. Apparently he was poisoned. Like i said, i dont believe in these things, but my parents are going to another city leaving me all alone here to finish my college. Now the decision is up on me, should i move or not, more importantly, should i worry about it ??
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• India
23 Jun 08
If you do not believe in such things, i dont know why you should be worried. People believe in all sorts of things, sometimes they have weirdlogics to provet heir points as well .. what matters moreis what you believe in. What you think. Will you be comfortable living in the house, is it spacious, is it ina good environment where u can study (considering u mentioned college) .. All these things should matter more than what happened in the past.
@teison2 (5923)
• Norway
23 Jun 08
Why should you worry? Was there something in the house that poisoned him? Is the house haunted? I think you have nothing to worry about unless the house is polluted in some way you may get poisoned by living there. Good luck on your decision