June 22, 2008 11:20pm CST
Do you think even if you like the school,the professors and classes ,that you can still be miserable at college?
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• Philippines
23 Jun 08
I do believe that even if one likes the school, the professors and the classes, he/she may still have a miserable life in college. Why? Well, there are people who can be so insensitive to how we feel. They can be our classmates or schoolmates. Or, another factor would be personal problems which can really affect our studies in one way or another. I do have this student who is really bright. She is academically superior compared to her classmates. One time, I noticed that she was not as active in class discussions as she used to be. She also failed some of her working papers. I can't understand why a student as good as her would get low scores in activities. When I talked to her, she told me that her parents have separated and that the family is going through some financial problems. She said she can't concentrate because of all the problems bothering her.
• India
23 Jun 08
I guess it has to depend on the college. And more importantly on you .. u like the school, u like the college, and the classes .. the only thing that can make you miserable is either too much expectations of yourself, and not being able to fulfill it or LAck of good friends to spend you free time with .. i know there are many other things Ive missed, but these two seem to be the ones that'd ... 'get' to you the most. My opinion, as far as thats concerned .. :P .. Have a nice day :) ..
• China
23 Jun 08
you make yourself feel good or you make yourself miserable,it's up to you