what are you passionate about?

United States
June 23, 2008 3:06am CST
what really gets you going, what gets you excited? what do you have strong opinions on? what inspires you? for me its seeing new places, meeting new people, and generally experiencing new things. i am also really passionate about human rights and the state of the world. i have a lot of strong opinions, and i am passionate about expressing them and trying to be the change i want to see in the world. what about you? it can be superficial, like that you're passionate about cooking with cheese, or deeper than that, like you are passionate about seeking out people who can understand you without you having to explain yourself over and over. anything, everything. lets hear it.
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@maximax8 (31162)
• United Kingdom
21 Sep 08
I am really passionate about traveling. It was something that I dreamed about doing when I was a child and it was a dream that did come true. I am an independent traveler and I like a stay in locally owned accommodation so that I the money I spend stays in the country I am visiting. I am passionate about seeing native wildlife and caring for the environment. I like to meet the local people and respect their culture. I travel with a conscience. Seeing spectacular scenery inspires me and warm weather makes me feel really energetic.