Why do you cry? Do you cry easily?

@Neriz69 (1044)
June 23, 2008 5:22am CST
I cry when I'm sad and also when I'm happy. I cry at the movies, at the silliest things. How about you why do you cry? Please do share your thoughts.
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• United States
23 Jun 08
Yeah I cry easily. I'm a very sensitive person and I cry during sad movies and movies that are romantic and just rare stuff like that. I also cry when people scream at me and speak to me in a mean tone that really offends me. But there are times when I try my best to keep from crying so that I don't look weak.
@jeiyah_12 (1041)
• Philippines
23 Jun 08
Before I was this really a crybaby. I cry on small things and with those nonsense things. But after some bad experience, I developed this numb attitude that's why I tend not to cry anymore at small things but when some circumstances happen like if I am very angry, I can't burst my emotions on someone or something I just find myself crying over it. Or sometimes if I am really really depress. Like I'm having this feeling like oh I wanna die. I find myself too, agonizing over my depression and lastly I do cry only if I reminisce my past and all things I've overcome. I'm crying cause I feel very blessed that I have passed it. (but hey, I sometimes too cry when I remember my first true love, especially after hearing my song for him, but now I have totally forgotten him and I think it's much better that way)
@Ravenladyj (22919)
• United States
23 Jun 08
It actually takes me a lot to really breakdown and cry but at the same time I can get misty-eyed over and episode of Animal Police on Animal Planet LOL....Last night I was watchig the premiere episode of season 2 of Americas Got Talent and I got misty over Neil the opera singer and the little 4 yr old girl who sang LOL....But for me to REALLY break down and CRY....it takes a lot