what kind of boss do you have?

June 23, 2008 7:32am CST
i have been to 3 COMPANIES and i have different boss? but the recent one is really one of a kind.. in a negative sense. hope i can FIND a new one with more heart to his employees.
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• China
28 Jun 08
my boss is the best,he likes me.probably because i volunteered at the daycare where i now work for two years before he hired me.he always asks me how everything going,gives me time off when i need it.checks with me about my shifts before she finalizes the schedule.etc.he's incredibly caring and truly wants his staff to be happy in their job.
• Philippines
28 Jun 08
your lucky you have that kind of boss.
• Philippines
24 Jun 08
My previous department head is also one of a kind because she treated us as her friends and not just only subordinates. We can burst out our problems and she would listen attentively and give sound advice. During her tenure, the atmosphere in our department is relaxed, not much pressure. We enjoy out times with her. There are some sad days but we overcomed them through her help and it is her understanding that unites us.As a mother of 5 kids, she incredibly joggles her time for work, family, etc with ease and poise. Im proud to have worked with her. She will stay in our hearts and we will always remember her not as our boss but our BESTFRIEND.
• Philippines
27 Jun 08
thanks,your message uplifts my spirit, during these times that i have to adjust with my new workplace, reading this makes me realize how much i miss all of u. i know i cant find people like you anymore. thanks for considering me as your bestfriend not just your head. tnx. and to that i'l mark you with the best response. hehehe
@joyines (239)
• Singapore
11 Jul 08
i can say that my current boss is the most fantastic boss i ever had. shes every amazing and i admire her. she share her knowledge if she have time and i learned a lot from her. and he always emphasize to all of us that she dont like politics in her company, she wont tolerate anybody who will do any rubbish action, no superiority/seniority. all of us are all the same.we are all learning together everyday and working together to improve our work for our company. and whats best you can really feel the harmony in our office its like we are all a family.
@halynn (1809)
• United States
10 Jul 08
My boss is really laid back. If he doesn't know about it he doesn't care about it lol.