What the best job you've ever had?

United States
June 23, 2008 12:25pm CST
The best job i have had is when i worked at a community college. I worked in the audio visual department and i got to interact with students and the instructors and i also got free tuition so you couldnt ask for anything better. the facilty members there were very friendly, i work there till i moved here, i wish i could have packed up that place and brought it here with me. it was the best environment ever i think! i also worked at kohls at the same time, it was a nice job but not something id want to do for the rest of my life. My job at the college was a job id love and would love to eventually find something similar to that once i do get back into the work world. Do you have a job or have you had a job that you think is the best you ever had?
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@spalladino (17922)
• United States
25 Jun 08
Up until the last year I would have to say that my job at the college was the best job I ever had. The people were great and my staff was great but, the more things that were piled on me, the less happy I became. People do make a difference, though.
• Philippines
24 Jun 08
so far, i dont have a job yet because im still a student.. but i do sidelines.. lol.. i tried being a freelance writer becuase, and it was really a good job though! i just stopped becuase my time wont permit me to do it in full time.. im a freelance writer during summer time.. lol.. but it's fun to be working! and not to mention, the payment is really good.. im paid for every page i work for.. not bad right?
@whywiki (6070)
• Canada
23 Jun 08
It sounds like you had a great job. It is the people you work with that can make or break a job I think. I have had a lot of bad jobs in my life. I should have gone back to school as planned but things happen for a reason I think. My best job was driving a cab at night. I love to drive! 20 some odd years later and I still drive a couple of times a week as a second job. It is a job like no other and can suck you in and keep you driving. When I started in the business I worked at a small company and they allowed me as a woman to drive nights when the big companies refused. I met my hubby there too which is an added bonus. We were all friends back then and helped each other out and partied together after shifts. I made some great friends for life. The freedom of driving a cab is like no other job. Go where you want pick up whoever you want and always have cash on hand. You can go to work with no money and come home the same day with a pocketful. No boss looking over your shoulder. Ahh those were the days my friend. I wished they never ended. On the down side I liked the job so much I never went back to school and I don't drive a Porsche! Isn't it a shame we couldn't just stop time when everything is perfect?