like to buy a website, but not sure of its value ?

@tntgal (59)
United States
June 23, 2008 3:10pm CST
this is an "instant" profit & cash flow opportunity. hence: i have a friend who has found a website to buy. the current owner claims its earning an average of $80-$90 per day. i.e. a very realistic figure. however, my friend is not entirely sure the current owner is being honest even though the current owner has provider pics of stats and earnings, ... everyone knows its kinda easy to edit pics, etc. can anyone offer viable options to consider ? is anyone an " investor " or speculator who'd care to develop a joint venture arrangement ? i'm pretty innovative to develop win-win solutions, but i do not wish to discuss or disclose those details publicly. i.e. i have some ideas for how the purchase might be accomplished, whereby, everyone wins. but it'd be better to bounce it around, first.
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