Life for Sale

Ian Usher - His life is for sale.. Would you ask for a discount? lol
June 23, 2008 9:59pm CST
I read this Article in Yahoo that there's one man named Ian Usher wants his life for sale. After having his heart broken he finally decided to get go of his life and have it for sale. His offer totally comes with a total package , it includes his $420,000 house, a rug store, his job, and even his clothes and friends. How far would you go to solve your problems? Would you also do something as strange like that?
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@SomeCowgirl (32255)
• United States
24 Jun 08
I really think that it is sad that this man has gone to this. I would never do anything like this though, because everyone's life has their ups and downs. I know I can get depressed but I also know that it will pass. Have a Great day.
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@academic2 (7009)
• Uganda
12 Aug 08
If I bought him on his terms, can I treat him like my personal property, chop him up if I want or reseel him for a profit? I think this man was simply crazy
@avidwhit (1492)
• Mexico
24 Jun 08
I have heard of people selling their lives to a corperation for a salary of $XXX,XXX amount of dollars per year or month. Sounds like hes wanting to do it for love. I see people sell their lives for lesser reasons. At least this way its cut and dry...and all the cards are on the table. Maybe he will put the money he gets, if money is what hes asking, in the bank. This way if he gets his hart broken a second time, he can do something he enjoys rather than helping to create life for his X to enjoy. As far as solving my problems, first I pray for the wisdom to know which problems I can solve and I have the courage and will do whatever it takes to solve the problems I can solve. Whatever it takes without causing more problems for myself. :)