Which do you prefer, the directors cut or the theatrical for donnie darko?

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June 24, 2008 12:16am CST
For me, I think I like the original better, however, I do like the extended scenes in the directors cut, however, I do not like the music changes, and I dont like how the stuff coming out of the chests were changed either. What do you think? The directors cut or the theatrical?
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30 Apr 09
the director's cut was good because it did a better job of explaining some of the more complicated parts of the plot. the theatrical was shorter and didn't drone on and on forever. so they both carry equal good and bad for me. i think the blue-ray is the best option like the other guy said has it has both versions. i still haven't watched both side to side and it was a while between seeing the theatrical and director's cut so i can't really decide on how much different it was besides the obvious things like better explanations.
@ArsonCuff (3116)
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15 Feb 09
I have sen both, but would not be able to recall the differences. I do want to see the director's cut of Richard Kelly's Southland Tales; though it is not available yet - if ever. Donnie Darko recently came out on blu-ray. The blu-ray has both the theatrical and the director' cut versions of the movie. Guess I'll get that and check them out.