how long does the lactose free milk last after opened?

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June 24, 2008 2:59am CST
we have been buying it for awhile now but we just noticed on the box it says that its good only 7 days after opening which i find weird since it says on the box its good till like months later but i guess that is unopened but still i always thought on regular milk it lasted till then.. but i have an upset stomach when i drink it sometimes and im lactose intolerant but im my body tends to get sick off of fruit and anything good for me lol.. so do i really need to throw it out?? obviously its not going bad or totally bad if i drink it and it doesnt smell funny or anything.. any one know??!?!
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@beki710 (949)
24 Jun 08
I wouldn't drink it if you've had it open for several weeks. I drink lactose-free milk and I will drink it if it's been open for up to about 2 weeks. Any longer than that and I think it can cause problems. I think that the bit saying it lasts for months if it's unopened. I find that once opened it will last longer than a week but I don't keep it longer than 2 weeks opened, just in case.
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24 Jun 08
i dont think it would be over a week and a half at most.. we tend to go through milk in this household