what would be your ingredients for a lasting love and relationship??

June 24, 2008 4:42am CST
my ingredients: 1.)100% trust 2.) understanding 3.) patience what's your own ingredients??
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@Kemboi (341)
• Eldoret, Kenya
5 Jul 08
1 Open to one another. 2 Be there for one another. 3 You are subjected to one another. 4 Love one booths dearly. 5 Be one anothers best friends and campamionse. 6 Forgive each other.
• Philippines
24 Jun 08
I think I have to agree with you o this one. To make a relationship lasts, it entails a lot of trust, understanding and patience. If the trust is not there, a lot of problems could arise. This may include jealousy, insecurity and similar conflicts. At one point in every relationship, one of you will commit shortcomings, hence it is very important that you must be willing to understand where the other person is coming from. Another thing I would like to add is that, it's good to bring spice in the relationship once in a while. Making your partner feel special on unexpected moments is a very big emotional investment no matter how simple the act is.
• India
24 Jun 08
Hi friend, it is hard to maintain long relation. If you ask me what are the main ingredient of long relationship. They are first trust, second trust and third trust. I think there is nothing else than trust. Most of us ignore our old friends, when we fedup