Do you feel different?

June 24, 2008 4:47am CST
do you feel different than everybody elsea? do you feel like everyone around you are all the same exept you
2 responses
• United States
24 Jun 08
this is an interesting question. im wondering how most people will respond to this. comming from me though, i feel that i am very different than everyone else. i think some people try to be different on purpose though, such as me. i feel like being different makes me feel like im defining who i am. although i also think that anyone who says that they feel like everyone else is only trying to be normal, because they dont want a lot of attention with their truely unique character, that almost everyone has. before talking to someone you see that a lot of people kind of look the same, but personalities range huge.
• China
24 Jun 08
I've always walked my own path,even as a kid,i thought everyone are different