What's your favorite recipe? Wanna share yours..

June 24, 2008 8:36am CST
I love cooking, most I enjoy doing is making a delicious desert that will make you really crave for more... One of my favorite is LECHE FLAN, How to cook this... this is very simple just have with you a brown sugar, caramelized it with small amount of water on your stove, then beat 8 eggs,1 condensed milk, mixed it together.. you can add more milk depending on your taste buds. You can put drop of vanilla if you want to have a vanilla tasting flan.Put the caramelized sugar then put the mixed egg and milk in a stainless container then put it inside double boiler. Then put it on your refrigerator then serve chill. That's it. You can a have a very delicious desert. How about you guys, what's your favorite recipe? Want to share yours..it can be of help to others...
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@Kanutchie (343)
• Philippines
26 Jun 08
Its a nice tips that you share how to cook that kind of dessert. its really a great help to others that they need 8eggs in 1 condensed milk or add more milk are very important in making a perfect Leche Flan thanks for that . Actually i start cooking steam rice when i am 10 years old then start watching when my sister, mom or auntie specially in fiesta festival in our place those moment adds me to be get interested in cooking and force to learn a every delicious food that they made. when i reach the age of 14 of age i am start frying food and rice, then i continues to learned more, i know to cook festival food like menudo,embutido,Chicken w/ pineapple,murcon,sweet and sour,mechado,etc, and i know how to cook house food like sinigang, nilaga, adobo, Lechon paksim\w, paksiw na pata , kaldereta, peas tilapis, barbeque etc. but what i really like is a house food is Nilagang Baka. The this is very simple to do but when this is the food for the day i eat a Lot Because i like to taste so delicious. But the Secret of this Nilagang Baka is you have to fry first the slice garlic, onion and ginger ( ginger is the highlight of these food - you have to juice it in oil ahile it simmer) when it done put water and out the wash and chop beef then bil it until tender and soft by using pork. when it done put the washed and sliced vagetables (Cabbage,Sliced banana) and put a little whole pepper, salt or 1 teaspoon of fish sauce and green pepper and simmer it then taste if the taste is enough promise you will have a perfect Lunch or dinner. Enjoy
@trell8402 (274)
• United States
24 Jun 08
I love broccoli and rice casserole. My mom taught me her recipe. The ingredients are a bag of broccoli cuts(usually 16 oz.), 1 can of cream of mushroom soup (1 can for every bag of broccoli), at least 2 bags of 12 oz. shredded cheddar cheese, and rice (amount to your liking). First you steam the broccoli about 10-15 minutes, or until tender but not soggy. Then you add your cheese to the pot of broccoli. Next you add the cream of mushroom soup and then the rice. After you've mixed all of that up, you put it in a casserole dish and top with the remaining cheese. **Preheat your oven. I usually set mine on 350-375 degrees. Bake about 25-30, or until cheese is melted. Broccoli and rice casserole is so good to me, and it's fairly easy to make.
• Philippines
24 Jun 08
the recipe i love to make which my family love to eat is Steamed fish fillet in Taosi sauce.It tastes best with herbal seasonings. Taosi should be soaked in water to get the salty taste out.marinate the fish with lemon before heating on the steamer. In a separate pan, you make the sauce using fish sauce or oyster sauce with spices,etc. then you pour it over the steamed fish,its cooked in a few minutes. Its very yumy and healthy too.