Ever Had a Boss That Drives you Nuts?

@Muelitz (1592)
June 24, 2008 1:00pm CST
Ever had a chance to have a supervisor that drives you crazy? Well I just did. Being new to a company, I had to belong so I had to follow all the things that I am instructed to do even if i honestly think it is not part of my job description, it has to be done anyway. But that is really not the problem. My problems are these: 1. I am prohibited to speak to anyone in the company aside from him and the secretary. The reason, I honestly don't know why. 2. Double standard. The Boss is the one breaking or bending the rules that is being implemented. 3. The boss wants you to be pro-active, creative and be a thinker but he does not trust you and always want to know what you do before you do things. 4. He is very moody, changes mind very often. Do I have a point or am I the problem? Just Me, SFC
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@jonesy123 (3949)
• United States
24 Jun 08
I used to have a boss who would sneak up behind be to see that I was really doing work on my computer. I wasn't the only one she did this to. She did it to the entire group. She is one of those people who manage to move very quietly. It was very annoying and she never caught anybody anyway. She also would drag me into meetings and I had no idea what they were about. People in there thought I did but I sat there sometimes for hours trying to figure out what they were talking about and why I was there... Sometimes I thought she just wanted to show off that she has an underling, lol. She was also very controlling. Wanted to do stuff herself. Then, when the deadline was like an hour away she would dump things on my table and tell me to do it. Yeah, several days of analysis in one hour! The people we worked with knew about this behavior and I eventually persuaded them to give me copies of things before handing them off to her for analysis. This way I was prepared and didn't have to go through the tirade that would follow if things didn't get done by the deadline. Another boss I had was hardly ever in the office. Even if she was there, she didn't do much. She never communicated what needed to be done, not even deadlines. She would only communicate to one person, who wanted to get one of the two manager jobs open at the time in our department. But that girl never passed things off not even to the other managers. She knew she didn't have the qualifications to be a manager but would get the job if she made the rest of us look stupid. She trashed us everytime she could. Well, you guessed it my boss gave her the manager job and her non-qualifications became obvious. Unfortunately she also secretly had dated the SVP from another department and was now pregnant by him at that point. They quickly married. Nobody wanted to fire her now, lol. So they re-organized and gave her unimportant stuff to manage, lol. In the course of the re-organization it became obvious that my boss wasn't handling things and she was asked to resign or be fired. Boy was I happy, when she was gone;)
@kymber86 (165)
• United States
24 Jun 08
I used to work for a company called Alltel. My boss there hated me, and my tattos. I had all but one covered and it was small on the nape of my neck. Nothing offensive, but my question was why hire me if you don't like me?! She was rude and ended up firing me without an explanation. She just said they were making cuts in staff. What a crock of crap!