@Liseux (44)
June 25, 2008 12:17am CST
I remember in my philosophy class about some of the famous people who made a quotable quote. Life is all the better but it has no meaning. This quote is made by Albert Camus and he is also one of the believers of existentialism. Which means on our self. It focuses for us. So what is the meaing of his quote???? Well according to my professor, he told us that our life is so empty why ?????? its because since we were born here we dont have memories yet as the time goes by you will be the one who will color your life and enjoy it to the fullest!! agree??? that right!!! We are the one who makes our life good or bad!! it depends to us.. So enjloy life for it is too short... So stop abortion!!! Let the babies live and enjoy the world!!
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@mulau2u (1459)
• Malaysia
25 Jun 08
yeah i agree with you, but one thing that we must remember that we cannot make someone pregnant and let the baby live like that without education. of course it is enjoy to get live but what about if the baby form he born until he get young no one tech him how the way of life, it is better get well prepare to get baby and to take care of it until he become a good person or until he can make his own decision or he can find his way by himself. life without a way of life is a failure i think. i have heard someone say "try to wake every 2am to feed the cat then you can think to have a baby" it look like simple but meaningful. it is depend to us to color our life but someone have to do the scratching and then it depend for us to color it then, sorry if i am wrong :)
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• Philippines
25 Jun 08
life is a gift. when a gift is given, it's appreciation is never certain. god has proven himself god by simply letting man be. he exercisaed great restraint from intervening into man's affairs. yet god never let man go so far astray. just for keeping everything in order, in there proper place, despite man's ignorance and presumptiousness, despite man's power and irresponsibilities, god has proven himself god. but god will be pleased with himself if man is proven to be grateful, and enjoys life responsibly. as solomon says in ecclesiastes, "eat and drink well ,it is a gift of god."