Bad A** Kids

United States
June 25, 2008 1:12am CST
Ok, I meant to post this a LOONG time ago. I think this is from April. Work, kids, and my mom keep me occupied. Anyways, Read the clip and tell me what you think? The clip is basically about this class of students plotting to torture their teacher. The story was so shocking. You would swear you were watching a movie or show. I have questions just b/c I really would like to know your opinion as a parent. I am going to let you know my opinion as well. 1) Witht he kids being so young, do you blame the parent for this situation? A: I really don't know. I would say that the parent has something to do with it to a certain extent, ONLY because of the age of the kids. 2) Who was this child that got in trouble that had the ENTIRE class ready to go to war with the teacher? A: Whoever he/she was definitely has major influence. 3) What type of punishment do you think should've been given to them? A: Suspension, counseling, A good A** whipping 4) The ones that backed out, do you think it was because they knew their parents would kill them or because that inner voice got to talking to them? A: A little of both 5) Do you think the teacher quit? A: Depends on how strong of a teacher she was. To clarify, some teachers really care about kids and their education and well-being, some are only there for a paycheck. You definitely know the difference.
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