die or prison ??

June 25, 2008 1:32am CST
in guangzhou city : people who suicide many times in public place will be sent to prison .suicide in public place is illegal. it sounds quite horrible ,if a citizen could not choice his death place ,how they are a citizen ?? the local government has his reason : they fond plenty of suicide cases belong to "show" after research . the suiside people most is poor worker in factory ,they are in the lowest position of the society ,less want die for love ,most for money (the employer skimping their laborage but the government could not help or worstly together the employer squeeze them), the suicider is helpless and desperately ,what they need is help ,they want cause the people notice ,even the whole world .but they not really want to die ,they just find some place crowded and climb up high position and sounds "i want to die,don't close to me or i jump !" ,if people watching him and make police come or traffic jam baddly then the whole world stop ,this's the thing they real want . i always see that through TV ,it seems always happen .what a poor people i though .no help ,no hope ,why they can not find a place to show their suffering ? throw them into the prison could be works?the government says well untill now ,but i disagree ,once the people there is no way to show their despair that die will become the last thing they can do .more and more case will happen even . prison looks save much to help this problem to scare the people not do things like suicide ,but the problem still there ,the core is the employer not do payment ,why not throw them into but the employee ??the world is upside-down .i think we can make a chinese version "prison break ",may be the director could find some story from this .
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