Do you usually feel hard to say NO to others?

June 25, 2008 3:14am CST
I have a colleague, he is always popular with the people around him, most of the people like to talk with him, make jokes with him, and i found he tends to be unable to say "No" to others, always accepting and agreeing, then he has more "friends" than me, i'm not that popular. When is the right time, do you think, to say "no" to others, and what's the resonable way of it?my friends
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@Lana68 (3)
29 Jun 08
Saying 'no' isn't something that comes easy to most of us, but we learn as we go along. For example, we start saying no, only when we feel pressured and walked upon. If you do not want to offend by bluntly saying no, try telling the person what you can do instead.
@maquisa (316)
• Philippines
25 Jun 08 a kind of person that really wants someone to be happy even if deep inside me im not comfortable...i remember this when one of my co worker courts me,we went out for a date and of course we does what everybody do.We watch movies and eat our dinner first...he order a meal for us and because he made the choice i didn't dis agree with him.and when the order came i didn't know that he order a food for me that i didn't usually eat hehe...i told him i dont eat such kind of food,but just not to offend him that much i eat the food and try to be okey infront of him..but the truth i don't like it...i can say that time i was so plastic and traitor to him,but just not to offend him i just say yes and never say no to him...