@iwapyob (215)
June 25, 2008 4:52am CST
did you ever get lost in a building or a mall or anything that is not your home?
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@shilpa_p (198)
• India
25 Jun 08
When i was a little girl,i had a knack of getting lost.I always managed to get my mom worried sick.There are so many times i managed to get onto the wrong bus when the rest of my family was still at the bus-stop.Then i found my way back and always,always got yelled at.I think it was my enthusiasm that got me in trouble most of the time.Always running about.There were also times when the neighbours found me in their house and my mom was looking for me desperately.Hehe.If she yelled at me or i got bored i used to make friends with anyone and land up in their home.It was this my mom feared most-talking to strangers.But its funny now,when i think back.I was one strange child.wandering off as i pleased while everybody was so worried.I seriously got yelled at a lot during that phase when i didn't understand the seriousness of the things i was taught-not to talk to strangers and all that.Luckily nothing drastic happened to me.One crazy phase!