can you still remember who your first crush is?

@neilchua (888)
June 25, 2008 6:23am CST
i do. she was my crush until i was in the fifth grade. who would have thought that when you were still a child you already know how to love. it's funny right. i bet when you were still in elementary you already thought that you are actually in love with your crush and you believe that you will live happily ever after. well that's life. we learn from simple things. we thought we knew how to love back then but we realize that it was just an admiration for someone because the world we move on when we were still young is too small and there is really no one else to admire except the one that stands out from the rest. but once you step outside you will realize that to find someone to love is really difficult and only by chance. and you will laugh when you remember the day you had a crush on someone because back then you thought you knew how to love.
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• India
25 Jun 08
yes i agree i too had many crushes which i always thought that this is my first crush but i liked a girl when i was in 8th class and i really thought that she was made for me at that time but all those things make me laugh now.
@joliefille (3696)
• Philippines
25 Jun 08
I think I had a full concept of crush when I was in 4th grade. Every girl in the classroom would pass this mini slumbook for everyone to sign. It would always contain the question "who is your crush?". Lol. I had a crush on my clasmate named John. But he was very arrogant 'cause he knew he was cute and that so many girls find this so. He kinda looked like Scott Speedman, so yeah he can brag. Lol. No one knew I had a crush on him though. =)