Shopping for wigs

Cute red cropped wig - This is a style I'd like to try one day.
@Laydee83 (275)
Atlanta, Georgia
June 25, 2008 3:58pm CST
So I am having a few issues. My hair as of now is medium length and that is the growth I've had over the last 4 years. I haven't cut my hair since early 2004 and personally, I don't want to. My hair use to be long, curly to the tip of my behind. At 17 I decided to rebel, as teens do, and cut it off. Cutting hair in my family was a big NO NO, so I did it anyway. I went from Beyonce hair to Halle Berry hair in less than 20 seconds. Sad, but true. Now since then I have let it grow, gotten weave, dyed it and cut it again. Now for the last 4 years I have been letting it grow and from past damage it is taking me forever to get back to how it use to be. I am terrified to cut it again. Even to trim it, which I haven't done since 2005. So here is my issue....anyone wear wigs? Real human hair wigs?? All the celebrities have these new short hair cuts that are so fierce. I want that! But I want it without having to cut my own hair. Plus I want something I can change up now and then. Long wig this day and short wig that day. Get it? Anyone have any advice? Tips? Anything? I've never worn a wig before and don't know where to shop or even begin to get one. HELP PLEASE!!
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@shelly43 (1197)
• Australia
6 Aug 08
im sorry i cant help you just now but my sister wears wigs all the time she has hair extentions but she loves wigs, so i know what you are saying..i try them on and i love that she goes from being a dark hair woman to a blonde hair long hair woman i have taken pics with me in them lol its fun for me as i would never wear one.. i hope you get what you need good luck with it all...