Do you still eat breakfast at home with your family?

@gicarlo (131)
June 25, 2008 7:38pm CST
A lot of professionals/students leave home early to go to their respective company/school for their jobs/study. Some are even rushing and skip breakfast. They do these maybe to avoid being late. So are you one of the people who skip breakfast? or eat breakfast outside? or at the office? why? Well, I am a student who has early classes. I eat my breakfast at home. Eating outside on fast foods is expensive for me. If there is a delay for whatever reason, I will just be late for my class ^_^
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• Philippines
27 Jun 08
unfortunately, it's been a long time since i ate breakfast with my family. because school is back, we eat breakfast individually because we have different time in school. actually i missed eating breakfast with them. i hope one day il wake up then eat breakfast together with my whole family again.
• India
26 Jun 08
Welcome gicarlc to mylot. It has become a fashion to of late to skip the morning breakfast.. or to take fast foods outside,with friends to show their spending power and to create a pseudo status amongst the members we move. These lines i speak keeping in mind about the happenings around my work place. But it is not so in case of me, as i stay with my family members and i love to have breakfast and spend time with them. One May get food and eatable items, as they wish, but those things brought do not have in it the love and affection, and the same is found in a good homely atmosphere. Also, as you said the price of essential items has increased a lot.. and a $10 spent for a single person in a restaurant to have a break fast, is too high, as the break fast for the entire family members could have been made within $5. Certainly.. no service charges and taxes... are imposed..hahahaha..
• United States
26 Jun 08
I don't eat breakfast. I don't think I ever have. I just ain't hungary in the morning time and if I am then I eat but thats rare. If I was to try and eat in the morning I'd probalay be sick. But I do agree a lot of people eat breakfast on the run and not at home.