I Wear a Mask

June 25, 2008 9:06pm CST
Do you cover up your feeling and keep it in,by smiling but aren't truely happy,or do you express openly how you feel
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@spoiled311 (5502)
• Philippines
26 Jun 08
hi katherleen! yeah, i guess we all do, at least from time to time. there are really days that we don't feel like it, but we can't really let it show. then when somebody comes along whom you think and feel that you can be transparent with, then we let it all out. in my case, that is my husband. but sometimes, he also has his struggles and when i do that to him, friction arises. what i do now, is that i deal with that emotion and thought but pondering upon it and bringing it up to God. prayer and spending time with the Lord helps. when i get to other people, i am already feeling better.:) and i can smile honestly. i guess people can really tell. :) good day and God bless you~!
• China
26 Jun 08
Hi,spolied,thank you for take time to respond Have a nice day,Love
@Tianna2 (1273)
• United States
26 Jun 08
I guess it depends on who I am with. My close friends can tell when there is something wrong whether I tell them or not. Others that are not so close usually dont want to be bothered with my problems but if something is bothering me enough, I will tell them. Hugs, Tianna
• United States
26 Jun 08
I am an open book... according to just about everyone that knows me. I do express my joy as well as my sadness openly, which at times can be a good thing and a not so good thing. I am pretty animated during conversations as well.
• Indonesia
26 Jun 08
yeah, i think we were born with mask covering our face i do that time by time. my smile doesn't usually covers my sadness. it covers my anger. if i get annoyed, i will smile or even laugh (but i'm happy now). what about you?
@Swaana (1206)
• India
26 Jun 08
Yes, I coverup my feelings in general. But I dont do that to people who are pretty close to me. They see me having occasional outbursts. It takes really great part of mental strength and acting ability to coverup our inner feelings.