Dungeons and Dragons 4.0

United States
June 25, 2008 9:24pm CST
I recently got the 3 core books. They are quite different. Not sure if I like them or not yet. Any opinions?
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@Areus13 (25)
• Canada
7 Sep 08
I, personally, do not like Edition 4 as much as 3.5. However, whether or not you like them depends entirely on your tastes. The main thing that I don't like is the fact that, as you may have noticed, the more D&D progresses, the less serious and more like a video-game it becomes. 3.5 suffered partially from this, but not so much as 4. Mostly, WotC is trying to appeal to a broader market, and is thus killing the spirit of Dungeons and Dragons. For instance, having each character choose from a generic "Epic Destiny" really degenerates the whole Role-Playing aspect. And the once-per-encounter spells detract from realism. They also simplified some things, such as combat, that I feel did not need to be simplified. But, as I said, it all depends on what you like.
• United States
25 Sep 08
I agree 100%. I want to try it to fully see if I hate it as much as I do sinse I've read it, but can't find anyone willing to try.
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11 Dec 09
That's one of the complaints our group has had with it. We actually stopped at 3.5. I've been playing since second edition. Some of our group have been playing since first edition. I actually got into the Dungeons and Dragons online. It's ok, but not as great as playing the table top.
• United States
19 Nov 11
My group and I have stuck with 3.5 because we feel that 4th edition feels too much like a video game mixed with a board game. It also looses the feel of having a difference between characters. The fact we are simplifying the rules makes it that much worse because it takes less and less brain cells to do. 4th Edition is already dumbed down too much as is. It seems to be bringing in younger and younger kids.