how do you choose a gift? any idea/

@qwe123 (253)
June 25, 2008 9:32pm CST
ow do you choose a gift? do you have any problem in choosing a gift for your family ad friends? how do you choose a gift? any tips? and do you havve a problem giving your famiy and frieds money instead of gift? i did not get any gift around the new lunar year as for gift focus on its practically i would like to give the money to my family and buysomethig special to my friends if i am buying somea gift onn purpose i willl ask them what the want directl or indirectly otherwise i give the whati like it is really a comfortable feast when fail across the smeile on th faces generally i will buy the gifts in according with the age height weight and his or her hobby i htink it is different to buy gifts for family members and frends for family members i cangive them money to buy what they want but fireds i will buy the egifts he orshe wants itwilll make friends feel eee
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@Jellytang (698)
• China
26 Jun 08
Well,every time when I choose a gift,I have to remember what my friend or my family like best.And then I can according to my memory to find the gift.What's more,I don't think buying the most expensive gift is proper.
@knightrider (1083)
• India
26 Jun 08
you have to think of the person for ewhom you are buying the gift, his/her likes, you affordability, the utility of your gift, if you can take cae of the above things it should be easy to decide on an item, the only place you may to give up would be the cost factor, where if you start thnking of $ 25 item you amy end up with a $50 item
@zeroflashx2 (2489)
• Philippines
26 Jun 08
Yes. I've gotta admit. I almost always have a hard time looking for gifts even for relatives/immediate family, friends. Although there were times when I do feel that I accomplished the task for looking for a "perfect" gift for someone. As long as they're happy when they receive it, I'm more than happy as well. What I usually do is planning ahead. At least two weeks before, I stay close to that person and indiscreetly, listen carefully for clues as to what he/she may want for his/her birthday. They usually tend to slip a few weeks before their birthday and mention something that they want (although sometimes they tend to intentionally say it as well and hopefully we catch it. ).
@Essie119 (673)
• Canada
26 Jun 08
I find it really easy to buy presents for my mother and sisters. We all have very similar taste so if I like it they will like it too. As for friends, I only have a few friends close enough to exchange gifts with, so I know them well enough to get them thoughtful gifts. I find my brother-in-law more difficult so I usually get him a gift certificate to his favourite store.