can i invest in $1 matrix?

@sb2000 (36)
June 25, 2008 9:32pm CST
i am thinking of investing money in the $1 matrix system and i would like to know if these sites are legitimate or just scams? if there is anyone who has been paid by this site or if you feel that these sites are a waste of money then please post your reply so that it would be helpful for me.
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@snoopy88 (452)
• Australia
29 Jun 08
Hey, I've been reading some other forums about this $1 matrix system too and said that 80% people who joined fail. I don't know what is their definition of fail though. According to the other myLot users, they have been paid so i guess it's not a scam. Anyway, I reckon people fail because this system relies largely on your referrals plus the fact that it's so hard to get referrals as people are getting smarter and wiser about scam and stuff. I had my mind to joining this program and thought of a 3- steps success to this matrix system. But the idea of my 3 steps relies on mutual trust, its hard to trust someone who you don't know which is why this is the bad to my idea. Ha! Yeah but will you join if I told you guys the 3-steps i had in my mind? Cheers
@sexylc (501)
• United States
26 Jun 08
Thanks for bringing this topic again...since I'm looking forward this topic too! thinking to invest.But I kind a scared might I get scam again since I have experience already.I wanna make sure it didn't happen again.